Agnieszka Serafin

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy/counseling offers an opportunity to get to know oneself better and to grow. It is also a method that enables us to gain understanding of various painful difficulties of an emotional, mental or interpersonal nature and to deal with them effectively.

There are many schools and methods of psychotherapy. In my work I use the paradigm of Process Work and all the information on this site refers to this approach.

Process Work emphasizes that everybody is different, that their life – their “process” – is patterned according to its own rules and has its own priorities. The solutions and changes that may serve one person can make somebody else utterly miserable. That is why the therapist’s task is not to define how somebody should change, but to help them discover their own paths and decisions – the ones that are true to who they are. In the Process Work paradigm the answers to our difficulties lie in those very difficulties. Therefore therapy often involves not only talking, but also focusing on e.g. somatic symptoms, troublesome or scary feelings, mysterious or repetitive dreams and interpersonal problems. When we don’t disavow our experiences and traits but discover their meanings and purpose we become much happier. Making changes in our life becomes much easier, because it is not based on willpower or criticism, but on a connection to ourselves and the ability to use our own potential.

I believe that one of the greatest advantages of Process Work therapy is the fluidity that it enables people to discover and experience. This refers both to their relationship with themselves and with others. Very often people feel “stuck” in a particular role (e.g. that of a someone who is submissive, critical, tense, lonely or self-sufficient) and this has a huge influence on their life. It has a very limiting effect and it makes one long to express (or get to know) other qualities and needs. Psychotherapy offers a great opportunity to achieve this, due to specific therapeutic tools, as well as to the fact that the therapist is open to different aspects of the person she works with.

I offer individual, couples, family and group therapy.

I welcome people of all ages, nationalities, religions and sexual orientations.

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