Agnieszka Serafin

Agnieszka Serafin - psychoterapeutka, socjolog, psychologI am a psychologist and sociologist, a graduate of the Centre for Inter-Faculty Individual Studies in the Humanities at the University of Warsaw.

I have been studying at the post-gradaute program for therapists at the Institute of Process Work in Warsaw since 2004. I have attended their extensive training courses in psychotherapy, the Intensive Course in Process Work in Portland and several trainings and workshops in Poland, the UK and the US.

As a student of the diploma program of the Institute of Process Work in Warsaw I am certified to work with individual clients and with groups under the supervision of a licensed teacher of Process Work. I have attended internship programs at two psychiatric hospitals in Warsaw, working with adults and adolescents.

I work as a therapist with individual clients, couples and families and run various psychological workshops.

I believe that Process Oriented Psychology is a great method enabling us to resolve painful problems and discover our own unique potential.

I have lived and studied in Sweden and Denmark for 10 years.

In my free time I enjoy reading, being by the sea, traveling and drinking coffee.

I work in Polish, English and Swedish.