Agnieszka Serafin

Practical information

Sessions last 50 minutes and usually take place once a week, sometimes more often, sometimes less, depending on the given situation. The first meeting is a consultation, during which we define the themes of the future work and its scope (one session, long or short-term therapy or referral to another specialist).

There is a possibility to focus on one problem or experience during short-term therapy (a few sessions) or to participate in long-term therapy, which involves working on many areas of life.

All the information revealed by the client during therapy, as well as the fact that someone is attending the sessions at all, are both confidential. The only exceptions are situations in which there is a significant threat to the life or health of the client or third parties and other situations regulated by the law.

I supervise all of my work. My supervisors are teachers from the Institute of Process Work.

I am a member of the Polish Association of Process Oriented Psychology Psychotherapists and Coaches (PSPiTPP) and in my practice I obey its Code of Ethics. The Association belongs to the Polish Council of Psychotherapy (Polska Rada Psychoterapii).